Sunday, 16 June 2013

When history turns optional !

Well I was alarmed when I heard that .This is how the story goes...

 I spent a few hours of my weekends by helping this curious boy with his daily mathematics and science lessons. Out of my very old appetite to read some history texts , i ask him , " Which portion of history is being taught in school now?".

 He looks at me as i had asked something i never should have. He replies immediately , " I have opted  "so and so" instead of Social Science!". 

This time it was my turn to look at him in disbelief which i verbally express as, " what?!..U don't study history ?".
 As emotionless or stiff  as a rock he responds, "Yes, we didn't learn it last year either."
Me still in the same condition my eyes wide open , " So u have no idea about the world wars? ..The Indian National Movement?"
He: "Well..No"..and He wonders whats wrong with me which i could understand from his look.
Me:" Well its not a bad thing to learn any subject for that matter, but i think u are really missed something important by opting out.Hmm lets continue."

Thoughts of my own .Mostly in bus on my way to work.
What kind of an educational system is that. In this world when man is on the verge of loosing his humanity completely, how can an curriculum turn its back on social sciences and allow an option rather than making it one of the compulsory subjects? How can a person evolve as a good citizen , especially in a country like India, with so much of cultural , religious and linguistic disparities without knowing his history. We already work day and night to create a misty illusion of a bright future  for the young generation, though we are totally aware that the greedy "us" are devouring on their share of resources too. At least we owe them the right to know their past intact. I express my discontent in this step taken by our master brains. 

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