Wednesday, 2 October 2013

First Aid

    Just in time. God you really blessed me. I would have been busted if i had missed this bus which reaches exactly on my time. Well i looked around hopelessly as the lady who got in just before me occupied the last vacant seat available in the bus. You should have seen the victory that glowed on her face. Okay fine. Just half an hour and the next main stop will be reached soon and I'm sure to find a seat.So dreaming about a seat (at that point of time there was absolutely nothing else to think about too.!) I found a perfect place to stand just behind the driver clinging to the metal bars watching the road as viewed by he driver. I always consider it better to be pressed against the bars with the entire gravity resting upon your back , in a crowded bus,  than being sandwiched between someones torso and another's heavily oiled hair rubbing all over your face. At least you get to see some sunlight .

Sunday, 16 June 2013

When history turns optional !

Well I was alarmed when I heard that .This is how the story goes...

 I spent a few hours of my weekends by helping this curious boy with his daily mathematics and science lessons. Out of my very old appetite to read some history texts , i ask him , " Which portion of history is being taught in school now?".

 He looks at me as i had asked something i never should have. He replies immediately , " I have opted  "so and so" instead of Social Science!". 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I just want you to talk!

It wasn't a game of hide and seek
but building bridges with words, less bleak
          Come sit, just listen to me

          Beneath the shadow of this lofty tree
          about the lonely songs of the sleepless nights
          and the mighty wars with the thoughtless thoughts.