Thursday, 24 May 2012

In the Hustle of SM Street

                                     Malabar was a region completely unknown to me for a long long time.Perhaps things that comes to us after a long wait is supposed to be the best we might get...for a person like me who loves the hustle and bustle of a labyrinth of streets SM street was in fact a heaven.Walking down the evenings of the noisy street is something i hold close to my heart when i leave Calicut. Pleasure to the senses especially to eyes and heart, the street is teeming with life as it gets darker and darker. you don't feel the need of security there ...its a free world ...a free man's world.      The things are many to see and hear and buy. You just keep walking and walking as if the paths are never going to end. Its like searching for something in a muddled cupboard,  pretending to not see the thing you badly want to find, even if you find it ; just for the pleasure of searching .    Isn't it strange that the excitement dies when you get what youwere searching for . The entire drama and beauty is to keep searching ....and searching......with the hope of getting it a promise that is going to be kept forever..     Perhaps this was the the real reason why the place apparently embrace the people who enters it and create an urge in you to return ...