Gazing Across The Ghats

           Play of colors were till then limited in my imagination to a creative artist's brushes. Later i understood , why the canvas of nature was invisible to my and many of my fellow beings eyes. The panorama is simply too large to fit into your frames. It was a great revelation "the gaze across the ghats" ...


            The Sun was setting and the cool winds from the mountains were whistling past followed by a delicate whisper of farewell to the dusk. I felt like I was one among the tall grass all around,  whose tips waved to the symphony of the evening as did the hair of mine. I was opening a conversation which I could no longer hold back. 
            Is it that we trust nature when we don't trust people? And when we don't trust nature that we trust Gods? And finally we turn back to people itself when we lose trust in God? Why do we feel that the entire universe is conversing with us throughout our lives and we ignore it? What makes the wrong to rights and vice versa?

      Although these questions ringed in my mind, I  held them all back and started my conversation , which was obviously about simple things.

     I was asking to the moment, the moment that held in its threshold all the uncertainties of a throbbing heart to choose between 'stop thinking and start living',  that is it still possible to truly fall in love?

                                  be continued


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